A Thousand Tress Deep

Here at Kabletown, work comes in waves. Some nights, I am slammed from 8pm to 6:30 the next morning. Other nights, everything gets wrapped up by midnight. Nights like that, I spend a lot of time online reading, walking around the building, and watching stuff youtube. I thought, for fun, I’d compile a short list of my favorite watches over the last year and a half I’ve been on overnights. In no particular order:


Ninja is a skater in Las Vegas who has been making youtube videos for a few years. His videos are mostly skateboarding, but every now and then he throws in some life hacks and Q and A stuff. He’s a decent skater, runs his own board company out of his living room, skates with a very colorful crew, and has a refreshing don’t give a fuck attitude. He updates pretty regularly so check him out sometime for some bullshit-free hard knocks.

Get your weekly dose of skateboarding news from Gary Rogers at Skateline. Toots is right, he should do standup.


I stumbled upon Solo Travel Blog one night researching oysters. This Tokyo Oyster Bar tour piqued my interest and upon viewing, I soon decided that Dustin was the coolest guy on the internet.  He’s an American English teacher living in Tokyo, and every week he goes to some wild restaurant, bar, shop, or cafe and films his experience. His narration is classic and his updates are the ones I look most forward to each week.


Classic Norm telling a story of meeting one of his childhood heroes and then a twist!


John Hill! John Hill is a “vlogger” on youtube who lives in Long Beach, films his day-to-days and then uploads every night. I’ve been a fan on John Hill for over a year. I like his editing, he’s a fantastic skater, adventurous (that does not look like it’s spelled correctly, but it is), and an all around interesting guy. He moved to Cincinnati, OH last year on a whim, but just recently moved back to LBC. I think it’s fascinating to watch him grow and “progress daily” both as a filmer/editor, and as a person. He is unfiltered and genuine, but not in a “ratings jackpot” type of way. I don’t know, if you got 10 minutes to kill, there’s probably a new John Hill video to watch.

Side note: The above John Hill video is from one year ago and is a personal favorite of mine. He heads into Brea/Fullerton and kills that 12 stair. When I was much younger, my friend Lane lived in Fullerton and every summer I’d go spend a week or two with him, skating the suburbs of Orange County. Best times of my life! We often went to this park and stood at the top of those stairs, imagining what insane tricks could go down it. We never did anything but it was so cool to see John knock out a couple bangers all these years later.

Bonus! One of my favorite scenes from Seinfeld!


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